About Webb's Candy Shop

We have been creating home-made confections since 1932! We take pride in making our candies the good old fashioned way, still using antique copper kettles and machines that date back to 1912. We use only the finest gourmet chocolate. Each piece is unique to itself because it is home-made confection at it's best, hand-dipped to perfection!

Our History - Delivered in Photos

1. Our history begins when a group of ladies from Davenport Florida began having weekly tea parties. For the tea parties, Mrs. Maude Blodgett & Mrs. Katheryn Stillman started making this decadent jelly candy, which are know called Citrus Candies. In 1928 they began selling their Citrus Candy in The Mart of Davenport. 

Webb's Candy Shop - History 1 

In This Picture: Are the candy packers hard at work creating beautiful Citrus Candy Baskets.

 2. Maude Blodgett & Katheryn Stillman began selling so much of their citrus candy that they could no longer make these home-made confections out of their home, so they financed the construction of this building and started Sun Dial Citrus Candies.

Webb's Candy Shop - History 2

In This Picture: The candy makers and candy packers of Sun Dial Citrus Candies along with two of their candy deliver men.

3. Citrus Candy is a jelly type candy which is made using real citrus juice! Today we still use the same antique copper kettles, wooden paddles, & old-fashioned recipes as they did in the 1920's.

Webb's Candy Shop - History 3

In This Picture: Two of the candy delivery trucks from Sun Dial Citrus Candies.